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I am buying a portable screen, and it has some kind of case that allows the screen to remain in place without slipping.
The problem is, that the case has just 2 slots where it can be put - but with both slots the screen will still be too skewed for me.
I want it to remain in a nearly vertical position, like completely 90°.

I will add a picture of a similar screen, and will add some things.
The red arrow on the picture shows how I want to move the screen more back to make it more vertical, and the green blocks are the "thing" that I talk about - something really small but heavy. Obviously they would need to be placed directly in front of the screen in it's new position, but you get the point.
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Does anyone have an idea of what I could use for that?
I am not planning to spend any money on such a silly problem, there must be a solution, but I still did not find anything for that.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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