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Screen shuts down

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I have an Advent T1 computer which is approx 3 years old and has worked fine until recently whereby the screen will suddenly switches off but the hard drive stays on (the monitor goes black/off) and it doesnt come back on, so i have to switch the computer off.
Any ideas what could be the problem?
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See if there are any errors in Device Manager.

To view an error code, open the Device Manager (right-click My Computer Properties Hardware tab Device Manager) and double-click the name of a device with a yellow exclamation point (!) or a red X superimposed on the icon at the left of the device name. The Properties window for each device driver includes several tabs. If an error condition applies to this device, the Device Status section of the General tab contains an Error Code and message.
video card
power supply
are you running
any error message
check your tempretures and voltages in the bios and post them
The problem at the moment is that i can only just log on before the screen goes off, so i do not even have time to to to any settings or programs. You can hear the computer booting up etc, just cant see it!
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