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Screen Resolution Problems!

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Yesterday I switched on my computer and it came up with the message that 'this program works best with a 640 x 480 resolution'. Which program, I have no idea! but the upshot is that it will now no longer allow me to change back to my old resolution.

When I go to the control panel, I cannot move the arrow to enlarge the screen resolution at all, it just will not budge from this low low resolution.

I use Windows 98 and have a Voodoo 3 card in and to my knowledge, I did nothing specific to cause this to happen.

Alll help would be eagerly received.
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in control panel can you get into system

under video adpters select proerties and then under drivers update the driver

under control panel get into display and settings

play with the screen resolution

post back

I just had something bad happen after doing the update driver thing. It has replaced the Voodoo 3 drivers with 'standard PCI drivers'! Now I only have 16 colours and very low resolution which I still can't change.
can you update it again...and point it to the CD if you have the CD??
Ya most likely,

the problem is with the Video Driver, that usually needs to be updated...........

Like Doonz said, point it to the CD.......If you do not have one, and The Voodoo Came with the computer when u bought it, go to the computer brand name company's website, and try to download the video driver from there, and install it, this should do it...........

Let us know how it goes.
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