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screen randomly turns off

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i am running windows 7 and the screen randomly turns off. This can be during boot up after windows screen loads or after windows comes out of sleep. I have searched everywhere. The screen works on another pc as does the graphics card. the mother board is asus m2n sli and the graphics card is winfast 8800gts. swapped ram, psu, unplugged all disk drives and no luck. tried different graphics card and screen still happens tried both graphic card slots on the board didnt work. reinstalled windows still happens. windows still boots as you can hear the windows sound. It happens about 40% of the time when starting but when windows does start it runs great. I am trying to aviod buying a new mother board.
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Have you checked the cable?

can you please post your full specs including make and model of psu.
changed all cables on screen and in pc
m2n-sli mother board
winfast 8800gts graphics
amd dual core 5600+ 2.9 GHZ
psu aopen z350-08f 350w
i also tried a apevia win500xspx 500w
first I would say you are underpowering your system by a long way.

Your running an 8800GTS on Aopen power supply they are crap and 350w is too low to be running a decent GPU and your system.

Apevia are a bad brand also and 500w still aint enough you should be at minimum running a good psu with 48 amps on 12v rail such as a corsair 550vx.

Second please go into your BIOS and post your temps and voltages.

Underpowering your system can have dramatic effects on everything inside your pc and unfortunately with crap brands the psu when pushed will start to fail and can do voltage spikes to components. You may either have graphics card damage or motherboard damage.

check the capacitors on the motherboard for leaking or bulgin and burn marks.

Post the voltages and temps from the BIOS and we will be able to see if there is any signs of psu failure or heat.
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sorry but i have the graphics card model wrong it is a 8600gts
im not sure what the voltages mean but this is what came up
vcore - 1.3v
3.3v - 3.29v
5v - 4.89v
12v - 11.90v
cpu temp - 39°C
m/b - 31 °C
After being on for hours
no burning or leaking on the motherboard
your 12v and 5v readings are just within spec now since your system is basically idle in the BIOS I would say that when your system is being pushed then those voltage are dropping lower than what they are and any below 12v,3.3 and 5v by 10% or above it for that matter indicates the psu is failing.

I suggest you replace the psu with a good model like the one I mentioned and hope that the other two bad brands havent damaged your graphics card.

Although you have now said its an 8600GT I would still get a VX550 for assurances and upgradabilty purposes.
ok thanks for you help i will try that
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