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Screen going black - Light on Monitor stays Green

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I am having quite a problem with my computer:

After a while of idling, or in the middle of a game, the screen will go black, but the light on the monitor stays green, indicating there still is a signal.. i think. This is on my 21' CRT. So i tried another monitor, an LCD , while this is happening (the green light no picture business), and i get the message 'Mode not supported'. I see the video card fan is still going, and I'm really not sure what is wrong.

Also, sometimes when i try to turn the computer on it won't react... but a few mins later as if by magic it turns on by itself.

If you could help me out that would be most excellent, the computer i am on now has Intel Extreme Graphics 2 onboard video, and it is painful to play any decent game on it.

Thanks in advance!
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Welcoome to Tech Support Forum Tsunami

This usually has to do with the resolution of the application (default) or refresh rates. Can you please post your system specs and what refresh rates you have your monitor set to.

Determine the exact graphics adapter by:

For most versions of Windows, follow these steps:

1. Right-click on the desktop and choose Properties.
2. Click the Settings tab.
3. Click the Advanced button.
4. Click the Adapter tab.
5. The graphics controller identifier should be displayed on the top section of this tab.

Then go here and make sure you have the most up to date driver

Also go here and make sure you have the latest DirectX

Make sure you have the correct drivers and then post your specs if it is still a problem.

Good luck
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because lcd's run at a lower refresh rate you need to drop it down to 60 as bigfella suggested or you get that out of mode message
so do it while is up and then switch monitors
or with the lcd connected go into safe mode and drop it
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