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Screen freezes, even in safe mode and in BIOS

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I’m working on a friend’s laptop: Toshiba, Satellite M65 - S9092

Original problem: The laptop started shutting down after few minutes of use. (Probable overheating)

Took the laptop apart and clean it out. The heatsink, fan and outlets were really plugged up. Put it back together and did a clean re-install, Windows XP. Had few issues with USB drivers not being recognized but worked it out. Ran stress test for a whole day, no problem.

Worked for few days and then USB wasn’t being recognized again and the screen started freezing up. Re-installed OS again but it is still freezing up after few minutes, and stays that way till hard shut down.
Tried Safe Mode, it freezes before I can install any new drivers. Wanted to upgrade the BIOS but can’t get pass the screen freezing. No blue screens.

Switched existing RAM’s around (2 - 512MB), one stick, two sticks, etc…still freezing up. Tried it with the battery removed, same.
Not sure if the motherboard is shot from previous overheating or need new RAM or CPU. Don’t want to spend money till I’m sure I’m replacing the right part.

Any assistance is appreciated.
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Hi did you apply a fresh coat of thermal paste to the cpu
Thanks for the reply.
It's one of those problems that I never ran into, especially when it freezes in BIOS. Also tried XP repair install, same result.
Hi try running memtest 86+ iso and a how to use though I would use imgburn to make the disc and see if we can start to rule out some hardware
Thanks for the info and do appreciate the help.
This is what I have tried so far today.

Ran it with the battery removed again, this time couple of different things happened.
1 – It took longer before it started freezing up
2 – At times the pointer froze but the tab key, windows key, enter key and direction keys functioned and opened files. (Even downloaded few OS updates)
3 – After about 10 minutes of running the pointer and the keys froze at the same time, it was freezing on and off
4 – After about 15-20 minutes everything is frozen and none responsive

Later I ran the memtest 86+ and got the following results. (without the battery)

It didn’t run the test. The screen was incomplete/partial.
After the line Setting: RAM, the rest of info was blank and incomplete
Line with 88k, e820 and off was visible, which is for: “RsvdMem” “MemMap” and “ECC”
Also under “memory spd information” everything was blank
Tested each ram module in every slot. The + icon was blinking, screen didn't freeze.
I ran the same memtest 86+ CD on two other computers and it ran fine.
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Hi that is pretty inconclusive,I'am wondering about the graphics being involved in this if you can try updating the driver from the computer makers support site,you might also try a clean boot to further troubleshoot in case it is a symptom of a program causing issues
Unfortunately I can’t get far enough to do a clean boot before the screen freezes.
I’m wondering if the non-results of memtest would indicate maybe the rams are the main cause of the problem?

I picked up a PC diagnostic card and got this far:
The BIOS are Phoenix, but I can’t get far enough to find out which version.
When I started the laptop multiple times the initial readout on the PC diagnostics card is: 9d55

9d - Initialize security engine (optional)
55 - Enable USB devices
After the boot cycles pressing S1 the readout are (multiple starts with freezing):
5755 – 569d – 55CC - 588A
55 - Enable USB devices
56 - Enable keyboard
57 - Test for unexpected interrupts
58 - Test for unexpected interrupts
9D - Initialize security engine (optional)
8A - Initialize extended BIOS data area
CC - Redirect Int 10h to enable remote serial video
any thoughts on the post code results
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Hi my feeling is ram but I would feel better about it if the tests had run anyone following post. Installed new RAM, same problem exists. Back to the drawing board..............
Hi sorry to hear that have you cleaned out the air vents and fan of any dust and debris,have you tried to start in safe mode tapping f8 on boot,did you apply a fresh coat of thermal paste,also try running a hdd diagnostic available from the hdd makers support site you do not need windows to start to run this
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