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scary pop up!

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does anyone know what this means?

this pops up on my machhine, when i go to restart in dos mode.....

the only way i can get my machine into dos is by using one of my many CD's that i have made to boot my machine into various states of dos..... and they are all for certain games... so they all do it differently.

i have to alt+f4 to get rid of it, because the one time i did clicked it the machine did go to dos mode, but it opened some odd dos program that started to read the drive information, and then i hit my reset button....

as far as i can tell, i did it just in time.

i have ran 3 virus scanners on it, and nothing...

housecall couldnt find anything wrong, and i tried to do a compare to an old copy of my hard disk, and it doesnt show that any system files of any kind have changed...

so i guess my next reinstall will be sooner than i thought, LOL

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You seem to have picked up something that wants to format your machine. :) I've never seen this one, hopefully someone has an idea...
Whoever made that program was probably dropped on his head many times as a tells you not to click ok if you don't want to lose everything, but then doesn't let you get out of it without doing a hard shutdown

this reminds me of a program i used to havce fun with, it was called HARDBOOT and it used to do the same sorta thing on the ol win 1.x machines, it would boot to dos then would type format C: on the screen and as the user to say y to confirm or n to not, if you pressed n then it would still say y and then it would pretend to format the drive, even reporting the drive had been formatted once it had finished, even when you soft booted the machine,the only way to clear it was to switch the machine off fully.

not sure how that helps but their ya go, why not back everything up and see what it does:D :D :D :D


everything was backed up before i even got it. i always back stuff up. the other day i let someone send me a program through msn messengers file transfer. that is the only thing i have done to my machine, and no one else uses it. i actually do plan on going back to that and see what it does. after all it will only set me back a tad bit...

eset nod 32 seems to be the best antivirus. Geekgirl has it in her sig.

wow, i didnt notice how old this thread is..:sleeping:
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