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Scanning with HP Photosmart 2610

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I'm a new member to this site. I would like to know if there's someone who can tell me how do I make my scan results come out darker. I wrote with a pencil, and I need to have the writing come out darker.


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Pencil is hard to pick up on any optical scanner or copier. I do not have access to my HP All-In-One at the moment, so I do not know if there is a clear solution for your issue within software.

You may try opening the Printer Software to see if there are settings to darken the scan, or the easy way is to darken in copy mode and make a darker copy and then scan the copy in?? You may need to copy the copy as well??

In the future, use something other than pencil. Felt tip pens are better than ball point. Black ink is better than blue. Also, if you must use pencil, try a #3 pencil which is softer than #2 and should be somewhat darker.

Hope this helps.

Hi JamesO,

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, that's what I ended up doing. I made a dark copy of the original, then I scanned it. It worked out. I'll keep checking out the manual for help, but if anyone out there knows how to darken the writing after a scan, I'm still looking for the answer.
You should be able to do this with photo editing software if it is saved as a picture.
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