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Scanner Driver issues

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Hope I can explain this.
I have an old Umax scanner that connects through USB.
I only use it once or twice a month, so I leave it unplugged.
Now, when I try to use it and plug it in I get a widow from the service tray that says there is an unknown device plugged in. In the Device Manager there isn't any Imaging Device listed. So I have to reload the Diver CD and reinstall every time. Sometimes I have to do it two or three times before it takes.
The next time I turn it on, the drivers' gone. This has even happened when I have left the scanner on and connected.
My printer and other USB device seem unaffected.
I have know idea what is going on, but it is frustrating .
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Umax 3450. It has worked for years. There is nothing new to my Windows XP PC. It just keeps losing the driver.
After uninstalling and reinstalling the scanner software just now, it worked, FOR ONE SCAN! Then it disappeared. No imaging device in the Device Manager. The Photo program just says it cannot find a scanner.
I think it's the cable. I tried the scanner cable with my printer and it worked, so I thought that it was okay. I just tried the other way. Printer cable with the scanner, and I don't seem to have the driver problem. Hope a new cable does the trick.
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