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Scanner Driver Conflict in XP

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A good while back, I bought a Canon flatbed scanner from Newegg. Amazing 4 the money. When I tired to install it via the Canon software on my desktop running Pro.....everythng appeared normal, but after one scan, I could not do another, was given error message saying "can't run more than one of these at the same time." And unplugging the scanner and replugging did not help either.

Only by rebooting could I do another scan.

Canon support means well and they try....and they did on the phone, but nothingthey suggested helped.

So, I resigned myself to using XP scanning options and they ain't bad.

Also saw the scanner works perfectly on my lappy via Canon software & all its options.

Then, recently got annoyed and Googled....and found the issue: I have twain drivers for old digital camera I found... installed in the desktop.....I need this camera as it is, connect it via serial port.....and someone having same problem said only by uninstaling other twain drivers, i.e., from an old camera, would the LIDE software work.

I do not want to uninstall the camera twains. Is there any other way I can get around this? Do not please be like "Never the twains shall meet" OK?:laugh: :grin:
also, please no MARKing the Twain stuff, oK?:1angel:

This is not life & death.....the XP drivers work.....but I would prefer all the better options in the Cannon software.

Thanks for any help on this,
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PS....the above might belong in "drivers" forum? I have no clue.
Important Update:

Someone suggested I unplug the camera cable from the system. It is almost always unplugged. Only hooked up when I am downloading images. From my research, the issue seems to be just that the twain drivers for the camera are in the system altogether.......making conflict with the Canon LIDE software/good drivers.

Thanks again 4 any help; maybe there is no way of getting around this.
Hey Jill

Did the earlier camera come with the same bundled photo software (usually ArcSoft of some sort)? And do the errors you get happen from within the ArcSoft software, or do they generate a Windows error? [Might be interesting to see what the Windows version of the error looks like in EventViewer = the details there might help with sleuthing. -->
To Explore EventViewer:
1) Click on Start/Control Panel/Performance and Maintenance/Administrative Tools/EventViewer.
2) Several logs are listed: simply select a log, and events will appear in a list in the window-pane to the right.
3) To view the details of an event, right-click the event, and select “Properties”. . . . ]

If so, you might be able to get around the trouble by making sure you have the most recent version of the software available, and visit their homepage for any patches. You could also remove the older camera's original drivers in favor of any updated versions. If you don't use the camera's twain driver in that software, you could also try removing the camera from the list of devices in ArcSoft.

Another tactic:
If you mainly use the camera's Twain drivers just to get pictures downloaded from the old beast, you might be able to try the workaround of using a USB memory-card reader: you'd remove the memory-card from the older camera, put it in the slot on the USB memory-card reader, and transfer the files into your My Pictures folder using Windows Explorer. No Twain drivers are necessary for this sort of transfer. Once the pictures are already in a folder, you could still use the photo software to fix 'em up: crop, sharpen, resize, & all that. ---> Using this workaround, you could remove the cameras old Twain drivers in favor of the Canon's - and you'd have the best of both software worlds (assuming that in fact the Canon then works like it should!) . . .

Nice to know: these USB memory-card readers cost about $5.

(By the way: I didn't see anything useful in the Canon Knowledge Base either, so don't feel bad).

OK - so set the timer, pose, & Smile! :)
. . . Gary
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Here Came Harvey!


Bless U for the above. U R not much into movies, so gotta explain one of my usual, cryptic associations above: Harvey his famous role of THE CLEANER....the icy sociopath role....he does thes a lot....wherein when someone in the crew messes up....Harv show up with his Gloc and his suitcase filled with acide....or to direct others, i.e. in Quentin Tarrentino films.
So Gary=The Cleaner.

OK first, the lld camera i found in the garbage is....OK, old. 3.2 MPs, some old bonus for AOL users from back in the day, and while it does have me card sure it is very old kind. I never checked, because it has 32 frame on board capacity.......that is all I need and that is all I have evah used.

Next, this camera...had 2 research it to find drivers, was made by CE for AOL waaaay back......that giant company that makes all kinds of electronics. That is how I tracked down the drivers.....and yes, they are the latest ones because I think the only surviving puppy in the worldwide litter......everyone else has moved up and on.Next, I believe the error message I get is Windows when I complete one successful scan with the Canon software and then try another (LIDE software not currently installed, by the way), but I need to check.

Next, I found the camera in the GARBAGE, HELLO? (aLONG WITH ALL 6 OF MY PRINTER, MY LAPPY......U know.
No software at all.....BUT THE DISCARDER did throw out the serial cable with it. I don't even use the right voltage A/C adapter, I use a lower one, but it works.

It also has USB connectivity, though I nevah tried it with that.....but it's been on my mind!!!! Could remove one of my printer cables or just get another one and try it and C if I can get diff drivers for it.

Next, I first tried 2 research too via Canon, AFTER THEY made heartfelt efforts 2 help me via phone and failed.....again, recently, I Googled hugely & I came upon the info I posted....which I knew was right.........and this conflict is posted and respnded to in a couple of places.But the two people who firugred it out....only did by dolng wut I posted: completely removing the old digital camera drivers form their which point, the Canon software, Canoscan's really nice.....worked perfectly.

I am very grateful for your post, will digest all the parts and C if I can move forward. I will also try to find the info I didn't bookmark which I felt nailed my problem.

Were I not so stubborn....I would just get a new camera, the prices have come waaaay down. But hunting and saving, fixing/using objects trouve are big kicks for Jilly as U know.....and I have a kinda bonkie attachment to this I did for my actual ratty blanket when tiny. Or was that my stuffed wabbit? I get confused.

I am just a walking pathology book, OK?:wave: :eek:
I should really just hook it up to my laptop where the Canon software is still installed---that's how I tested it and knew it was just fine....and it works perfectly, became the Alien has no old camera drivers in it, I only has eyes......but I rarely use the lappy.

Now, I will again look for those links I should have bookmarked.

Thank U Again, always show up.



Gary post renewed my hope/ started research again....and came upon DEPICTION of my exact garbage CAMERA in "MUSEUM" collection! Mine is the DC-620. Will attach, it gives good info someone may B able to employ in this little I will continue.


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Uh-O Maybe

Well....maybe this is another problem, pls C attached; went to drivers site and C drivers not 4 XP. Remembered that I did download them first to my old system runing W 2K.

Little confused now.....but getting flash card for this poor old but beloved thingy....I think total waste of money, and probably hard 3 find anyhow.

I am making progress though again.

This is not the one I found and am looking 4 again, but it is related:
Someone reiterated Gary's flashcard suggestion!!!



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the camera may happily pick up on the cannon twain driver and use them
O!!!!!!!!!! HAPPILY PICK UP ON??????? So if I now delete the antique camera drivers, reload the canon scanner software.....BOTH DEVICES might function????!!!!!!!

O! now dai is doing Eyes by Marcel, maybe! I will try this immediately if not sooner! And thanks so much for not laughing at my from garbage camera or saying, get real get a new camera.

No zoom, no nuthin......but it makes way bettah images than anyone can believe.

I am so grateful.......let me try, will report after experiment.

make sure you have the camera drivers to reinstall if it does'nt
Well....I only evah had them from researching like 2 years ago when I found camera, and downloaded them. But I will redo and park them on desktop even before I delete them. This technology series of little....and infinite challenges.

Somehwere on the net....can't find again.....some guy in response to this problem 2 someone else.....disses low end Canon flatbeds and goes, "Next time, get a quality scanner." I LIKE this scnaner, OK? Little slow, but it was like $50 on Newegg.

Thanks again:pray: ,
PS....Just got new copy of the drivers from Driverguide (good I store my passwords)....but finally found the blog page I found days ago and failed 2 bookmark:

It appears from above, I have 2 get rid of ALL THE TWAINS..incl dll twain.......anyone making book on probability I will mess this upppp? I would, OK? Big odds FOR; TINY odds against.

Will now try experiment solution.

Hi again

Sounds like a fun try = it's worth a go to try dai's idea = see if the Canon Twain works well enough for the camera to use.

I imagine the fastest way to try this would be to make a note of the camera's Twain drivers, then install the Canon drivers, then see if the older camera's Twain drivers are still there (they should be). Then test for conflicts. I'd expect that you'll see the same conflicts as before - at first. Then, remove the camera's Twain drivers, leaving the Canon drivers. Then test to see if the camera driver functions acceptably. If not, it might expect a USB connection - try using a spare USB cable (nearly any should work, so long as the connectors are the right shape - and the cord isn't too long) - and see if the camera drivers work with that. If not, a reboot might have an interesting effect.

Should these tricks not help, another trick might be to see if Windows Update shows a driver available there (not a high-percentage shot, but even the Kentucky Derby has longshot winners). Yet another tactic to see if a built-in generic Windows driver would do = you'd uninstall the old camera's drivers, reboot, and then plug in the camera, while connected with a USB cord. See if XP has a generic driver that allows you to download your pictures directly, or perhaps at least lets you use Windows Explorer to retrieve the photos.

Any of the above solutions would allow you to use your camera just as it is, without buying any extra memory cards or card-readers (they do require that you have a suitable USB cable - I imagine you could easily find a spare, or someone with a spare they no longer need - and a suitable new cable should be no more than $3 = but in that case, I'd probably go with getting a CF card & reader (Compact Flash memory card & flash-card reader).
Hey, guess what! ... I looked in my old camera drawer, and I found a 32mb Compact Flash card in there. I'll send it your way - you can use it regardless of what drivers or devices end up working best for you. Our old Kodak was upgraded to a 512mb card a year or so ago. Watch the Sunday ads, the memory-card readers go as low as $5 on sale.

And truthfully, I find that for scanning my favorite pictures, I like my Canon Lide scanner for this job. The larger ("CCD-type") scanners that I've tried have tended to wash-out the colors on the first scan, then I'd have to use Photoshop to get the exposure brightness just right. When I use the Canon Lide, the colors are as rich and true as I could ever imagine. And the details just knock me out.

And the pictures from your Pretec look pretty good to me = the only difference you'd see with a more expensive camera would be to be able to enlarge the photos to huge sizes, without losing quality.

If this post gets any longer, I'll have to send it to a publisher.
So I'll stop typing now :)
. . . Gary
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OMG......amazing! I am frozen with gratitude. Or something like that.
OK first, the drivers I just got another copy of.....say clearly on Driverguid page, only 4 serial connected, not USB......these R only in my Optiplex cause I slaved Brio drive(2K) into it like 18 mos ago,and dragged and dropped things.

I will print out Gary/Harveypost......and read throroughly before I begin.....which I may have 2 delay until early morning, gotta work.
Note: "More expensive camera" tis case wod mean anyone NOT folund in garbage....meaning any camera not FREE!:laugh:

Also folund my Sierra Imaging 200O software....AND THE SPIRAL book it came with....U bet: in the garbage of this building. Wish someone wold throw out a (Jilly will fix it) MAC.

But....truly, U need not go thru trouble of sending anthying! The indigenous storage in ancient camera really good...Plus I delete everything from Camera mem right after downloading images.

I had no idea that it was the enlargement issue DRIVING (pun intended)people to 6 MP cameras....though digital or optical zoom V nice thingy.....pros use over 10MP....choice between over 10 MP digital camera.....or previously owned Benz.....let's Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee confusing, right? The camera or the car.

But they also make amaaaaazing SLR digital cameras....saw one on Imus, OMG looked as if it had 100mm lens attached....I think a Nikon. Serious 1,400 I think.

OK, so VERY many ways I could mess this up!!!! And more every MINUTE!


Bless U, Harvey,

PS....attached, as prob waste of time tring USB connectivity with antique camera.


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Hey onliner J

Hm -yes, probably the best chance for using a USB cable directly to the camera will be with a generic XP driver for that. Using the CF and a card-reader won't require any drivers at all, since the card readers are seen as removable drives & you use Windows Explorer just as you would with a hard drive or floppy.

The kids and I are going for a walk -we're going to try to beat a few clouds that look like they might have some rain in them -- let's see who wins the race!
. . . Gary
U will win the race....hey, it's only Mutha Nature, OK? And not only was their last CD Less Than, DIN their lead guy get shot in a drive-by last week???? Dunno, but if so, think Diddy Did it Again. Gangsta... so ovah, OK?

Thanks V much for these data....I am ignorant of these and this option starting to make more pragmatic sense!!!!

But now must work and so must uninstall all the TWAINS.....from Jilly... BRAINS.:grin:

Park them in new folder and open again after other work gets done.

Hi Jill,

To keep it simple, you can remove the old Twain drivers if you know which ones they are and then install the Cannon ones. I don't mean uninstall but move them elsewhere when you use the Cannon, and when you feel like using the Twain, replace them in the same position and move out the cannon drivers. They'll both work that way, but there is a little hassle of moving back and forth.
New confusions in the journey

Hello. I finished work now starting to troubleshoot this driver thingy again. Now.....I am confused: first, I deleted whole scanner everything.

Next, I C I do not know how to delete the camera drivers. If U C U don't know, then U gotta ask.

Next......I came upon this:

Now, U get from jump via Canon tutorial....that there are 2 kinds of drivers in their software: the WIAs which are Less than and Enemy....and the good ones. This MS article i just found implies that the WIAs R like the archaic twains. If this is true, given I installed the GOOD CANON DRIVERS come I had the confclit to begin with and always?????

Does this article not say that the good drivers are very UNTWAIN LiKE?

But if someone tells me how to get rid of the original camera drivers....the twains for this...I will totally do that. Device Manager helps not at all. Maybe I should just delete my photosoftware Sierra? I have the CD so I should do this, right? Can always reinstall it.

But that will not deal with/get rid of the twains, right?

How about reg keys? Do i use Windows Explorer? Run regedit>local machine or all users?

Cut something out of the mobo with a Dremel tool?

I think I should hook camera up and THEN go into device Mgr.

Or not.:4-dontkno

Sorry...and thanks.
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Nevah Mind

OK I am just intimidated and this makes firewall in my brain, OK?:eek: :eek: :sigh: (attached)
I knew this....firewall got in way. Let me go forth and untwain and try dai fix. Pay no attention until I do.



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This is Wild

OK....honest, I do not need sleep, OK?

Let me try to delineate, cause, while I messed up.....which they knew in Vegas I would, I can fix mess up aaaaaannnndddd, I think DAI FIX WORKED!!!!!!......ALMOST OR MORE OR LESS.

First, Kalin=cute; would work, but yes, too much hassle....I like smoooooth as glass.

Preface: best thing I evah did only because of this site: install backup internal HDD, discover XXclone and buy and ddo incremental updates.....cause that will now undo my mess.

1) on my main drive, "Jilly" I deleted all scanner traces, camera twains........HOWEVAH....I also did stupid and followed the instructions in the Jamie's Weblog (above link)
with bullets in the this case Uzi rounds....and did the "Twain_32.dll delETE. It said to do this, oK? Page in my page holder right in front of me even now, OK?

1a) trying to then install new Canon everything from original CD.....given, when I got born....I CAME OUT WITH A TATTOOOOO saying "Born to Raise dll file hell"....I got the "Just Shoot Me" error message saying "Files needed desperately to run Windows have been replaced by dogs & ponies, wut IS YR PROBLEM? GET YOUR sp2 CD, insert your brain back into your head; DO ITTTT"

Pathetically, I did this......cause I have SP2 on CD, I got it for my Alien Lappy. Naturally, nuthin. then, Media Player played Vince Gill track "Tell me Why? [I mess everything up]" All by itself. It played this. I LUV Vince....BUT THIS.....was COLD, ok?

2) Soooooo......none of newly installed Canon options worked; only eror messages worked. On main drive. All THREE TIMES I UNINSTALLED AND REINSTALLED. Cause I was "Born to Raise dll Hell" and that's just the way it is, & I got the ink to prove it OK?

3) BUT! I knew I had dll intact backup drive, "Luci" Hah.
I am writing from her.

4) Booted into Luci, I checked and found the Twain_32.dll file my ink convinced me I should delete from Jilly. It smiled at me then winked.

5) I deleted the camera twains in Luci, installed the Canon software, etc.

6) I think it works! Though when I opened Scangear Starter....I did, at first get error message saying can't run more than one 16 bit something".....but then, the program opened and all the good scanning options worked! And I repeated and IT WORKED!

7) Next, I got out antique camera and hooked up serial cable; opened my Sierra Imaging program. At first, hitting camera as I am used to doing and then connection....nuthin (pls C attached). But....

8).....I fiddled & fiddled and tried toolbar>file>connect....then>aquire.....not even sure wut i did....and Sierra opened, and the CAAAAMMMMERAH connected!!!! And I downloaded images!!!!!!! OMG.

9) Now......I need to try this all again, BUT i THINK DAI COULD BE THE ULTIMATE GENIUS OF ALL TIME!!!!!!! Plus, talk about "INK" his brother has the secret recipe!!!

10) Now, no time to sleep but I do not care I need to fix this and get it done......all I have 2 do, is clean up this Lucidrive, boot into Jillydrive, clean her up and then do reverse incremental clone FROM Luci drive onto Jillydrive!

Why is everyone crying? It's OK, honest! Sleep is total waste of time anyhow, oK? And remember my birth tattoo. But I struggled my way thru it I think and soon, everything will be just amaaaaaazing!

And to Gary: gotta say, your idea of "fun" and mine.....not exactly the same......U find this stuff fun, God Bless U, and I find it necessary and PMSing & exhausting.

OK....when everything is perfect in both drives.....& both scanner and camera work in both....

........I am giving everyone something really, really precious: my ABSENCE.:laugh: :wave: Forget who3ever, with finga poised ovah the RESOLVED button.....can HIT IT!



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Hi Jill

. . . if all techs were as patient and persistent as you, there'd soon be very few computers to fix - they'd all be humming along.

Nice work (and kudos to dai, for figuring an elegant repair).

I'm going to sleep a little now, too. [By the way, we did make it outside for a very nice walk, it didn't rain until younger daughter and Dad were playing hula hoop tricks afterward - Hopi hula, no doubt!]
. . . Gary

[I'll still send the CF along, since it might come in handy - and it's just collecting dust around here :) ]
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