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sbs2003 and btbusiness hub

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I am setting up sbs2003 with btbusiness hub and having major trouble.

the structure is , sbs2003 with two nic's , btbusiness hub with static ip address

the sbs2003 is acting as a dhcp server.
ip address scheme used is like '192.168.16.x' on internal network and '192.168.1.x' on interface of sbs connected to bt business hub.
the ip address onm bt business hub on internal side is '192.168.1.x1' and static on the outer interface.

i have disabled the dhcp on the btbusiness hub. please help as myinternal network cannot see internet.

Please help. I am having big time trouble with adsl setting .

is there a way i can setup the static ip address on router and cinnect business hub. i am really confused.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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