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SATA. This Device Cannot Start. (Code 10).

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I have an ASUS A8V Deluxe motherboard. There is a 250GB Maxtor SATA drive on the VIA controller and
2x250GB Maxtor SATAs on the Promise controller in IDE mode. I set this up a couple months ago when
I installed Win XP Pro SP2. All 3 drives had been working fine until today. Now when the PC boots
it says FastTrak378 ........, then Scanning IDE Drives, then Array Not Defined (the 2 drives do not
show as before). I do not recall exactly what the messages in the post were before, but I know it
listed the 2 Maxtors before. When I get into Windows and go into Device Manager under SCSI and RAID
Controllers it shows WinXP Promise SATA378 IDE Controller with a yellow exclamation icon on it.
When I get into Properties it shows: This Device Cannot Start. (Code 10).

Can anybody tell me what is wrong and what I should try?
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i will reply here because this i belive is simular to my problem.

i did find that last post interesting but i fail to see how it will help connect the device properly. can this be clerified?
code 10 means the driver needs reinstalling
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