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SATA or NTFS formatted external hard drive?

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Hey, im looking to buy an external hard drive because my PC is beginning to become overloaded. Ill be using it for general file storage and will probably use it as a sort of portable USB disk.

What is the difference between SATA and NTFS formatting? can someone list the specs please? which would be better for my situation?

A couple of hard drives Im looking at are

External Hard Drive 1
Silver External Hard Drive
Green External Hard Drive

Which do you think is best? The main factors im interested in the the advantages of formatting, and of course the looks :p
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SATA and NTFS are two whole different things, apples and carrots.

SATA is a hard drive type. Most hard drives are SATA now.
NTFS is the formatting of the hard drive. Most drives are formatted to NTFS, but some also use FAT32.
Oh i see, thanks!
So the different types of formatting are NTFS and FAT32? and FAT32 isnt so good?
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