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Sata drives not found

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hello, i installed a new grafics card and then when i restarted my computer i got the message sata drive 2 was not found so went into settings using f2 and went down to drivers opened and turned on sata drive 2 after doing that i restarted my computer now it says sata drive 1,2,3, are not found, so now how do i fix this if all sata drive show on why did it change to all drives not showing .....also what dose 1,2,3, really do for each drive.
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Hi Shari,

Firstly, check to see that the connections to the back of the HDD (Hard Drive) are okay. Please see the below images, these should help you to better understand SATA connections:

This is the standard SATA connection onto the back of your HDD and DVD Drive:

This is the other end of the connection, where it attaches to the Motherboard:

This is so that you know what each cable does:

Let us know if this connection is secure.

If all is well and good, I recommend you change the SATA mode in BIOS to IDE emulation mode. This is so that a SATA hard drive will work as a normal hard drive, utilising the native SATA driver in Windows.

Let us know how you get on.
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