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SP1/SP2 Sata Drive Problem

I've just done a format of windows xp. I have windows xp on 1 harddrive (80GB IDE), and i have a sata 160gb drive(NTFS) as a storage drive.

My problem is that when ever i install service pack 1 or 2, my sata drive loads really slow, when i click on it in My Computer and on any folders on the drive the access time is really slow. Without service pack 1 or 2 it doesnt do this it loads as fast as ever.

My Specs are:
CPU: P4 3.2 ghz
Motherboard: Asus P4P800 SE
RAM: 1 gb ram
Video Card: x800pro 256mb
Hard drives:WD 80gb IDE
WD 160gb SATA
WinXP Pro

Any help would be great, please.This has been bugging me for hours.
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