SanDisk has revealed a new use of SSD technology with the ULLtraDIMM SSD, an SSD drive connected to the computer via the memory channel, delivering ultra-low latency.

The ULLtraDIMM SSD fits into any industry standard server's DDR3 slot, effectively allowing the SSD direct access to the RAM bus and delivering less than five microseconds of write latency.

It works just like any other SSD in that it holds data just like a hard disc drive would, but it enables software that require ultra-low latency to function very effectively because of the RAM interface.

The SSD will work together with existing RDIMMs already in any server or blade.

According to SanDisk, the main uses of this technology will be for analytic workloads with large data-sets, large database processing, HFT(high-frequency trading), Server Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

The ULLtraDIMM will support read latency of 150 microseconds and as low as 5 microseconds of write latency. Sequential Read up to 880MB/s and Write to 600MB/S.

They will be available in 200-400GB capacities and can be scaled by slotting in multiple units.