With LG in talks about creating a curved Smartphone for November, Samsung has taken it to the next step by unveiling the 5.7inch display Galaxy Round.

Far from a circular design, the new smartphone has rounded sides and takes advantage of Samsung’s new Full HD Super Flexible AMOLD display that they showed off last year. When set on a flat table, the curved design allows it to rock back and forth giving a notifications update, sort of how the New Moto X has their active display. This will be known as the Roll Effect:

Currently the Galaxy Round will debut in Korea, but Samsung made no mention of an international launch. Knowing Samsung, this would not be something that they would keep at home.

Reaching the sizes of what is known as a Phablet, a 5.7inch display could become cumbersome to some users. Since the phone is curved, Samsung did mention that the phone could be operated with “one-handed” use.

The phone follows the steps of the Galaxy Note 3 as it includes Multi Window, Air Gesture, Air View and a pleather back which I find to be very stylish. Inside the phone is a 2.3GHz quad-core processor backed up with 3GB of RAM. Plus Android 4.3 to eventually comply with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.

Could we soon see the age of curved smartphones? LG will for sure be feeling the pressure from Samsung and maybe even come out with a device that is revolutionary. Could Samsung also be testing the market to decide whether or not to curve the display on the Galaxy S5? My opinion would be to not curve the display otherwise my phone will be rolling all around the table.

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