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samsung HT-E453HK

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Hello, I have a problem with the rear speakers and the center speaker that they does not working, because the function that active it (the button of Dolby in the remote control of Samsung ) does not work,
Now the problem is my remote control does not have this button (that active this function) =>(

But instead have this button => (Http://

So basically my question is whether can I turn this function somehow without having to buy a new remote control with this particular button? (By the way I have a Galaxy 4 So if there is any IR code or something, so maybe I can run it through my smartphone)
Thanks in advance!:smile:
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You would need a remote that you can reprogram the keys (so that you can assign a different key for that function) or another remote with the same keys.

On a side note, I personally wouldn't even bother with it. That type of Dolby is a fake surround which simply converts a stereo input into surround audio. It's not the same as a true surround audio track.
but I do have 5.1 sorround!, but now somehow the system is on stereo and it doesn't play music in the rear speakers and the center speaker, and I just need to change it to 5.1 sorround (real sorround):banghead:
how can I reprogram keys? and to what?
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