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Samsung CD-R Sw-240B does not read any cd's

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Hey everyone... i've been having some problems with my samsung cd writer.. it doesn't read any cd's whatsoever.. i thought maybe it just wouldn't read cd-r discs at first but i've tried some of my computer games and music cd's and still doesn't work.. i've downloaded and updated the drivers but that did nothing.. any help is appreciated
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If it loads cds, and acts normally, just doesnt do anything, I would say the
unit is shot. You may try getting some compressed air, open bay door and
blow it out. If you want to get down and dirty take drive apart and clean
lens. But the laser may be burnt out. Hard to say, did the drive act ok
for a time until now? Have you made any hardware changes recently?
it was having some problems writing cd's before this happened... sometimes an error message would pop up during the burning process or after it was written the cd would not work real well.. i installed a new video card about 9 months ago.. this was the first time i've actually tried burning a cd in a long long time..
Try to clean it,,chances are its new cdrw time....
uninstall and reinstall your burning program
i've tried several diff. burning programs... i'll try and get some of that computer duster and blow it out and see what happens
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