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samsung 6003h jumper help plz

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hello i have a gigabyte p4titan with a intel p4 processor my hd took a dump on me and a friend gave me this samsung 6003h v40 60 g hd well i have no clue how to set the jumppers on it its like nothing ive ever seen. ii have 1 cd/dvd drive in my machine now so can anyone help me and explain in laman terms what i have to do to make it work. does something in the bios need to be enabled/disabled or is it just a simple put jumpers like this? i can supply more info if needed just tell me and ill do it thanks to anyone who can help
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G'Day offthewild,

For information about the jumper settings for your Samsung™ HDD, have a look at this, it is a .pdf document for the Installation of this particular HDD.

Now once you have set the jumpers to 'Master', you will need to connect it to the end connector of the IDE ribbon; then, connect to the "Primary IDE" socket of the motherboard. (Your manual will give you the indication as to which is 'Primary' and which is 'Secondary')

As for your CD/DVD drive, this usually is connected to the "Secondary IDE" socket on the motherboard, and also with its jumper pin set to 'Master'.
However, (and just to confuse you :grin:) if you only have one IDE connector Ribbon/ Motherboard IDE socket, you will need to connect the two this way...

The HDD set to "Master" and on the end connector, and the CD/DVD set to 'Slave' and connected to the middle connector on the IDE Ribbon.
Also you will need to set the BIOS of the computer in this fashion:

1st Boot Device Floppy Disc Drive [FDD] (if available)
2nd Boot Device HDD (The Samsung™)
3rd Boot Device CD-ROM (your CD/DVD Drive)
You will need to set the BIOS to Boot from Other Bootable Devices as well.

Now if you do not have a FDD; then, the Boot Order will be like this:

1st Boot Device CD-ROM
2nd Boot Device HDD
3rd Boot Device Other

Post back with any queries/concerns.

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thxs for the info

much thxs im sure itll do it just fine. if i have any ? ill b back here real quick thxs again jim
Not a problem...please post back with the result anyway.

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