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I have a problem with 2 PC's at a new employer. The system info is disabled on both. But I do know they are both running windows200 profesional.

one has a Matrox Graphics MGA-G200 AGP
chip type MGA-G200 B8R3
DAC type integrated, 250 MHz
mem 8MB
adapter string Matrox MGA-200 AGP
BIOS info: 00879-07 v1.7

the other has a NVIDIA Vanta/Vanta LT
chip type Vanta/Vanta LT
DAC type integrated RAMDAC
mem 16MB
adapter string Vanta/Vanta LT
Bios info:

After a few hours both machines' displays go crazy in the same way.
Several apps are open,(aprox 3 to 5 apps). then th display starts jumping
between the different apss very fast. The task bar can appear at the top of the screen. I cant grab it to move it. I cant hardly grab any app, because it is changing which app is in the forground so fast. Parts of the display from
one app will be showing in the next app as it comes to the forground.( I have seen this a lot on lots of machines. It usually clears up as soon as the app is fully in the foreground.)

I tried to turn down the hardware acceleration to the very lowest on both machines. They seem to stay up longer, but eventually they get the same display problem. I left the setting at the lowest.
I tried blowing them out with air, but they were clean when I opened them , and it made no difference.

I can sometimes hit cntrl-F4 to shut down one or two windows. Sometimes they wont close, sometimes they will and the display will clam down.
Sometimes I just have to shut the PC down and re start it.
The employees hate that , they loose a lot of time durring the boot up.
Due to security resrictions there is a lot of overhead when booting these machines.

If you have any ideas on what might be causing this please let me know.
I have worked on many PC's , but I have never seen this kind of effect before.

Let me know if you need any other specs/info, I will try to get them, however the security onthe machines wont allow me to run system info.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

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I wouldn't blame this on the hardware, especially since both are having the same issue but have different configurations. Instead you should do a VERY thorough virus scan and malware scan.
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