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I'm not haveing a good day. I am playing a nice game of "" and what happen to me is, the game freezes up and crashes on me. I restarted the computer and waitied for windows to load. Unsuccessful.

After the Windows XP Logo Loads, The screen goes black. My monitor light stays green, and then after about 5-8 seconds the monitor light just turns yellow and the screen goes on stand by, or shuts off.

System Restore: Does not work
Safe Mode: Works
Safe Mode With Netowkring: Works
Safe Mode with Command Promt: Did not try

Last Known Setting That Worked: Does not work, Loads XP, shuts monitor Off

Start Windows Normally: Does not work

Cant stress the fact on how important this computer is to me, cant afford a new harddrive, but damn, if safe mode works, What the hell is wrong with my normal windows??

I'll leave my computer open just incase sade mode dont work anymore, I dont want to take any risks

Thanks a Bunch!
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I believe the game changed the screen resolution and your monitor can not handle it. Can you try a different monitor ? If you can change the screen resolution to a lower value and connect your own computer back. Should work. Sorry you are not having a good day. :rolleyes: I hope it gets better. :sayyes:

If this is not the issue something corrupted the video drivers that we would need to uninstall/reinstall
I WISH I had another monitor, But I cant.... Is that my only soulution?

Im a freelancer, and my boss is not real happy right now... IM a hell of a trouble.
I cant even get windows xp cd to load to try and repair it. damnit.
load safe made with networking. Download the drivers and and remove your video card drivers. When you uninstall the drivers and you restart windows it will use the windows VGA drivers, then reinstall the video drivers.
Deleted, I am On it right now, YES WINDOWS WORKS!!! I CAN HEAR SOUNDS!!!

But the drivers i got from invida crashed it again. The screen flickers and shows me black and white dots for a few seconds, then dies.

Should I use the CD that came with the computer? Would it do the same?
Try uninstalling and cleaning out the existing driver and then use a driver that previously worked ok.

Still not working, I was on safemode with networking, ran that program, and installed the old nivda cd that came with it. No luck.

After it installed, It restarted, got past the windows progress bar screen, and then stops again.

I'm on normal windows now, Its asking me If I want to install the new hardware. I dont know what to do.

When I was in safe mode, I just went into the control panel, deleted NvIda Display Drivers, it restarts once i hit removes, like instinanously, and then it works, I see everything and my desktop. Just scrolling through websites is slow.

Im awaiting a responce, dont want to touch anything, I clicked No on all the screens of windows asking to install it.

I got a GeForce FX 5200 256MB 256Bit
Windows XP SP2
512 Corsair XMS
Biostar M7ncd Motherboard.
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Run a repair install - you will need to replace windows updates but your data should stay in place.

Reformatted. Damnit, Installed the same damn drivers, It restarted and then it crashed again.

Since my Graphics card probabaly fried (DAMN) is it possiable the smooth out how i scroll stuff. It LAGGS too much.

I got to work for a new computer now, my boss is not going to give me a cash advance to get it.

All I need is to smooth out this scrolling on websites and I will be set.


--- the lost.......
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Are you absolutely sure you have the correct video driver?

Is this the new driver or a known good one that you have in now?

If you have reformatted you will need to install the mainboard drivers as well..?

If things were ok until you loaded the video driver, bearing in mind that you have reformatted and done a clean install of windows, I reckon it has to be a driver problem.

Try resetting your BIOS to default settings - make sure you save before you exit, also check the security of the video card and all your leads. Are there any yellow alerts in Device Manager? (right click My Computer>properties>hardware).

Let us know how you get on.

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