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S video to my new TV

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well here goes...

i just bought a new 32 inch HD TV which has S Video input and my GeForce4 440 has got an s video output, so i bought a cable and hooked the pc up to the tv, but nothing comes thru the tv when i select s video as the source, and there is no second monitor option on the display settings tab, anyone got any ideas how i can get it to work.
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the tv's these days have a vga port to connect to which is usually the better option
yea but im using it, and ive also already bought the s video cable now mate.
The TV probably has multiple S-video inputs, make sure you are on the right one.
Nah just the one s video port, its got the 5 HD pin ports, the 3 VGA, one manual terestial, 2 scarts and that s video. What im beggining to wonder now is if i can actually do what i wanted, which is to use the 32 inch tv as a monitor when using the computer, or is s video only used for streaming video like movies.

P.S. already seen that page dai, but cheers anyway.
i had this post here,i want one taking awhile to talk my better half around
i dont have the privallidges to view the page dai.
the relies were in this vein
You should be fine if you use DVI, HDMI, or component video, or VGA. All support HD resolutions.
We use the DVI in and you can get it almost as good looking as a standard monitor.
it was either bry623 or yustr that i ended up pm'ing on it and gave me the rundown
ok thanks for the advice.......Thread can be close guys.
pm the 2 i listed as one knows a great deal on it,if you need it reopened pm a mod or a manager
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