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S-ATA access causes TV Tuner interference...

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This problem has had me stumped for months, and no other forums have helped me. It's probably best just to start with a video example, because it will describe things better then I can:

It may stutter the first time through. Let it fully load, and then replay from the start. It's about 2MB, MPEG1.

Keep in mind this video DOES have interlacing lines, but those huge garbled horizontal lines are NOT interlacing related. It's something else. Here's all I've figured out about these lines:

S-ATA hard drives cause it. Whenever I am viewing video that's being streamed from my capture/tv tuner card, everything is fine. It looks great. But the second I access ANYTHING on a S-ATA hard drive (Whether its single or RAID-0), I get major display corruption as you see here. Also if windows is subtly accessing anything on a S-ATA drive, behind the scenes, it causes a few lines to shoot across the screen.

As you can guess, it's impossible to capture video onto a S-ATA drive, because that causes the interference on the spot, majorly. Like you can see in the video. However I have tested capturing to an IDE hard drive, and an IDE hard drive within an external shell connected by USB. Those methods work great. No interference!

But of course, watching TV or playing video games through the capture card, is no fun at all if I have windows doing anything else, like downloading files. It causes too much corruption. However I did find a workaround! I have a S-ATA utility that came with my motherboard's CD, and it lets me assign the Transfer Mode. It starts at UDMA5, but if I lower it to PIO3 or PIO4, I get NO CORRUPTION AT ALL! I can live with this, but it is a pain to restart my computer between mode switches. And of course, PIO modes give HORRIBLE hard drive access speed.

So does anyone have any thoughts? Ever heard of such a problem? Enjoy the video, lol?

Edit: Also I have ordered the following capture card in hopes that this is an issue with my current capture card, rather then motherboard:
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Alright, it's my motherboard. I'm positive. This new capture card has the exact same problem. I just don't get it. I read a dozen reviews of this mobo before I bought it. The only gripes anyone had with it were that it wasn't very good at overclocking. And that didn't concern me. It's a shame all my issues with this board are just big enough to annoy me, but not big enough to warrent shipping the entire thing back to the manufactuer.
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