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runs on startup, prevents searches.

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This thing runs (automatically) on startup and prevents google from searching.

Once 'end task' is used in Task Manager I am able to search again.

Its the Asus ACPI center or file 1.00.59

Text Blue Line Software Operating system

Checked System Configuration 'startup' and 'services' but could not find relevant box to uncheck.

If I try to search when this is enabled this is the result-
Computer icon Web page Text Screenshot Technology

But I want to disable it, if possible.
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hey i've done some reading and it seems the same thing is problematic with other's computers too, apparently it is to do with hardware stuff and it isn't disableable through windows, you have to go into your bios settings and disable "ACPI APIC Support", which will in turn disable it on startup, if not then look in the services again for the executeable that's running (given by the processes tab in the task manager)

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