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Hi all. I have a RT-AC88U router and a couple of days ago port number 8 stopped working. The cable that was plugged into this port went to the PC I am currently using. I rebooted the router using the reboot button on and it wasn't fixed. So, I swapped the cable with another cable in port 7.

The cable in port 7 goes to this phone thing that requires internet (it's called an Ooma or something like that). Several hours after having internet on my computer because it was in a working port, and not having internet on the Ooma because it was in the non-working port, internet was restored to the Ooma. I have no idea how this happened, I did not touch the router or the Ooma after initially swapping the ports.

Now, a couple days later, this morning, the internet on my computer was out again. However, the internet on the Ooma was also still out. Just for the lols I decided to swap the cables again so that they were back in their original position. To my surprise, my computer had internet again! I didn't expect it to because the Ooma did not have internet when plugged into that port, but my computer did. The Ooma still did not have internet after swapping the cables again, and still doesn't as I write this.

Does anybody know what is happening here? How can I fix this so that both ports will work again? It should be noted that everything else that is connected to every other port works, and so does the wireless function of the router.

Also, I realize I'm probably missing some crucial troubleshooting steps here.. but my "boss" (who is really my father) does not want to mess around with it too much in fear that the router will somehow implode and kill everything else and then we won't have internet. My mother is doing important volunteer work right now that requires an internet connection and to be honest it would be very detrimental if I screwed something up while trying to fix it and made her lose internet as well.

Any and all help is appreciated. If I'm missing any information please ask questions. I'd really like to get this fixed as this issue is worrying me...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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