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RRAS Routing Question

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I have a problem I hope someone here can help me with.

I have set up a VLAN in my office. I have put some printers on the VLAN and have installed 2 NICs in the Print Server (Windows Server 2003). I did a quick NAT configuration of RRAS on the server machine and everything seems to be working fine.

Everyone on my public LAN ( can print to the printers on my private VLAN ( through the print server. So functionally, what I wanted to accomplish has been accomplished: my printers are segmented on to a private VLAN, everyone can print to them, and I have recovered Public addresses which were needed for server and workstations.

Now my problem. I have recently installed a print counter device on the LAN in order to see how much printing we are doing, and which printers are busiest. The problem is that I can not discover any of the printers on the private VLAN. I expected this and thought I would be able to deal with it, but so far I can’t figure out how to access theses devices from my LAN. I can not ping them (except from the Print Server) and obviously no SNMP traffic is getting through.

I have placed a route statement in my router (which is the default gateway of machines on my public LAN) which points all requests for anything on the network to the public interface ( on my print server.

I am sure that I need to do something in the configuration of the RRAS service, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what.

I have attached a rather hurried drawing of the LAN-VLAN relationship.

Any ideas?



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Why haven't you put the counter on the vlan instead of the lan?
Clearly its not making it across the rras routing.
RRAS is not vlan aware. But that is OK since you are not vlaning a lan but have two lans instead.
Because I am also monitoring 6 other networks and the counter needs to be on the public lan to see those others.
6 other networks? are you routing between them?

Got offices in Seattle, Tacoma, Yakima, Vancouver, and Spokane.

All are public subnets. All routing is working fine.

In my olympia office I set up some ports on my Cisco switches for a VLAN, and implemented a private network so I could dump my printers on it. Of course this print counter idea was laid on me after I got that all set up and working.
Are you saying this counter works across wan links?

Otherwise I am not understanding what is beyond your router has to do with your Washington local dual lan.
Yes it does work across the WAN. I can discover printers in all my offices, but not on the VLAN.

I must have something wrong in the RRAS configuration.

Thanks for the replies.

Most likely not a issue with the RRAS config. Printing works.

I suspect since this counter can go across wan links that what it is using to discover/review the printer packets is not going across the RRAS link.

Anything in the counters documentation concerning how it discovers the printer directed packets or any particular ports/protocols its using?

Any firewall messages/security events on the server indicating its blocking something?
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