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Router works, Modem does not

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Hardware: Modem-Motorola SBV5222 Router-Linksys E2000(Cisco brand name? I didn't buy the router) I use a PC with windows xp with sp 2 and 3 installed.

Problem: I can use the internet just fine when I am connected to the router, my pc is connected directly to the router via cat 5 but when I directly connect to the modem I get limited to no connectivity. I'm not using a proxy server and before the router was set up(I live with roommates who set up the wireless network.) I could connect to the modem just fine. I can't repair the connection since it seems to be unable to renew the ip address. I've also tried to manually configure my ip address though I'm sure it wasn't the issue.

I've racked my brain to think of a simple solution and it doesn't seem one is apparent and I'm almost sure it's something to do with xp and I'm not so great with software. Hopefully someone here can help me. If I didn't provided enough information I apologize in advance. I also thank whomever replies in advance.
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This modem is something that is supplied by the provider? If so it will only provide one IP address, which has been leased to the device that was first plugged into the modem. Thats why you are getting a limited/no connectivity, as it will not provide with a 2nd ip address.

Why do you want to go through the modem directly anyway? Also how are you connecting to this modem? Wired/Wireless?

I'm connected wired. I needed to troubleshoot,if it was the firewall on the router causing an online gaming problem. The larger problem is that I move fairly soon and won't need a wireless network at my new house. If my pc can't directly connect to the modem, it's going to cause some problems for me.

Let me see if we're on the same page, the modem which is supplied by the provider will not give a 2nd ip address. I'm not sure I understand this but this happends eventhough the router is completely turned off and disconnected from the modem. The only thing that was connected was my computer.
logon to the router
go to the wan interface and write down the mac address
compare that mac address to your pcs mac address [you can see this as physical address in a ipconfig /all]

Are they the same? Or different?
Unfortunately I do not have the password to change it. However, when I move will the isp recognize my pc's mac address since I will no longer have the router?
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