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sI'm leeching wireless internet because I don't want to pay for my own. I've been doing it quite successfully w/o pissing off the neighbors for a few years. I only have a little backhand info that I've acquired from my cousin's ex-fiancee who happens to be a tech consultant, and I believe in many urban hardware legends.

I'm not sure if this is the model I'm using, but when I try to access the web UI I get <WRT54GX2>.

Previously, I set my own password on the web config utility to keep anyone else from messing w/ it, since the owners had never done anything in the way of self-protection. I also limited the number of available user slots to 10, later dropped to 6.

I also specifically set leases to last 4 hours before they expire because I didn't want to have to wait a day with the computer on to reconnect when I leave the house for more than 24 hours.

About 3 months ago, someone changed the password. The wireless settings have not been changed. The highest IP is .7 (gateway being .1), and leases still seem to last around 4 hours when I've had the need to test it.

I almost never have problems using this wireless connection. Sometimes, however, and in sporadic cases, the router will stop responding when I "use the internet too much". Let me define. Up to this point: googling for information about the crisis I am having, browsing random forums, and accessing my e-mail, don't cause the connection to hang. Pinging the router continuously has never tripped it (indeed, I -t the router when using my laptop in the far room where the signal is lowest, and never have problems doing so even for a period of 2 or more hours), and doesn't do so now.

What is currently causing the router to freeze, or whatever it's doing, is when I access a heavy traffic page (i.e youtube, a page w/ too many fat ads, downloading). My connection will remain strong, and even respond to shifting the antenna elsewhere, but if I disconnect I cannot reconnect.

The connection shows up on any of the three various WiFi devices that I have, but I cannot reconnect to them once I have disconnected, or if I was not connected in the first place.

The router also does not responding to pings, when I try them. Sometimes, even though the connection stays, the "Destination Host" is "unreachable". I have avoided pinging unnecessarily now, in the event that it was a factor, so the connection always fails because of something other than incessant pinging.

I'm not even sure if this post will be safe going through. I might crash the router again or w/e by trying.

The primary device I use is a Realtek USB 2.0, with a larger antenna for better reception. At the time of this posting, I am using the built-in Dell WiFi card. My desktop (a pirated XP that only my parents use) uses a TrendNET USB antenna. I am using XP SP-3, validated, genuine, on a Dell Inspiron 1525 (1520 drivers, it worked, never found anything specifically for 1525).

Really, the only thing that seems to resolve this issue is a soft reset, though a hard reset by the neighbors would be much appreciated if they ever found the need to. They have 3 blackberries >.<. I suspect this because a blackout once fixed the issue after the power came back.

This doesn't happen often, but when it happens it takes forever to stop, so I can only guess that it stops because the owners are resetting it. But what do I know?

Much help would be appreciated, hope I didn't bore you. If I missed any info, please let me know.


I should mention that it's Linksys, and that my acquaintance has mentioned that it's excessively old.
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