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Router cancels out all connection?!

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I've posted this thread on many forums, got many responses and no answers.
I'm HOPING that this forum can help me.

I was on my wireless computer ( XP ) one day and all of the sudden it stopped working, so i went to check the router/modem lights and they were all on, as usual.
The host computer ( vista ) also lost connection. I'm able to post on these forums because i just bypassed the router and hooked my modem up directly to this vista PC.
I need someone to help me so i can plug in my router, without cancelling connection. I want to use my wireless computer...

modem ; westell
router ; netgear
ISP ; centurytel

Ill post any /ipconfigs if you want.

Thanks in advance
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Hi mattdawson310,

Perform a power cycle on the router and see if that works for you. You can also reset the router and see if that helps you out too. Hope everything will work out for you.
Hi Mattdawsom310 and welcome to TSF. Please do a power cycle as requested above. To do this, shut down your computer, next unplug your router. Leave off for about 30 minutes then plug you router back in and wait until all the lights are back to normal, then reboot your computer.

If that doesn't help then please post you IP specs.
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