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Rout & WAN emulution

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Hi, sorry if this is not the correct location.
Please let me know if this is possible if I have the following case:
User --- ServerA --- WAN em --- ServerB --- ServerC

I would like to know how to slow only the red color segment (each side of the WANem). I try to set up the default route for both ServerA & ServerB but that pretty much slow down all the segment except:
- uplink between the User and ServerA
- uplink ServerC back to ServerB

If yes, what do I have to do. All the operating system is Linux.
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Why do you want to slow it down? I don't understand the request. :4-dontkno
I just need to do some perform testing.
If you are using a cisco router to join the two LAN segments, use the:

Router <config-if>#speed <1-100000>

This command will physically change the speed on the port. If you are using a routing protocol such as EIGRP or OSPF you will also need to use this command to identify to the protocol that the line speed is differant from the default:

Router <config-if>#bandwith <1-100000>

Make sure that the speed you slect with the "speed" command is also reflected in the "bandwith" command, if not you will have routing issues if you have redundant links or are using load ballancing.
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