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Rogue Program Running

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Windows XP Home
80 GB memory
256 MB RAM

Anyway, I have a very smooth running laptop. However, recently I noticed it slowing down and such. I ran Ad Aware to kill off some spyware (which MS's Antispyware program did NOT catch, it stinx) and my NAV 2004 and then rebooted. I then hit the Ctrl-Alt-Del combo to bring up the CPU use meter and just watched to see what's going on.
Something is chipping away at the CPU usage, at one point it took my poor laptop to 100% CPU use at times, when it's just sitting doing nothing. I noticed a couple of times after coming out of hibernation that I get the message: "1 program running." I never leave programs running before I log off or hibernate, so there is a ghost in the machine, if you will. What kind of program could this be? I'm almost CERTAIN its some sort of spyware, or maybe some dumb virus immune to NAV? Have others experienced this, and if so, what steps might I take to reclaim my hard drive as mine again?
BTW: I've caught some program running once something like ccAPP or some such.
I appreciate any and every suggestion given here, thanks.
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also download another good spyware utility called "spybot." you can download the program from install it on your computer, update it, and then run spybot. see if spybot also detects other spyware and then get rid of it.

try defragging the computer too and see if that helps. a good defragging program is "diskeeper" which can also be downloaded on the same site. and last thing download "ccleaner" from majorgeeks too. its an optimization program that gets rid of junk on your computer.
I have spybot, but I think I did something silly because it isn't running the way it normally does. I'll reinstall it, update it and see if that works.
Could there be a conflict between all of these security programs, as well? I know Spybot watches your registry, as does that MS Beta antispyware program, and I think AdAware does, but don't quote me on it. I'm worried too much protection might be slowing me up. Which do you guys think is tops in security and antispyware tech? I don't mind paying, so $$ is not an issue here. I just want my poor little laptop to stop chirping at me at 3AM because it 'ate' something bad.
Thanks, all.
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