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Returning BSOD after apparent fix about 3 months ago.

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When I play TF2, after awhile my computer blue screens. I had this issue about 3 months ago, but fixed it by reverting the video drivers to an older version. Here is the previous thread:

I have not made any changes to my system or drivers since then, and I have been playing TF2 on and off since then without issues until now. Any help with how to resolve this (hopefully for good this time) is much appreciated!

Answers to questions at

Windows 7
· x64
· Same as current
· I don't know
· Probably about two or three years
· Yes, about two or three years ago

· Intel Core Duo E8500
· AMD Radeon R9 255
· Dell 0C27VV
· I don't know, but it should be the same as other Optiplex 780's

· Dell
· Optiplex 780 (Some parts have been swapped or added)

· Desktop


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Intel LAN driver -
AMD graphics driver - (Although your graphics card is not displayed on the graphics card list on the AMD Drivers & Support website, I think these beta drivers will support)
Please note, if you install beta drivers be aware that the situation might get worse.
After installing the drivers you linked to and restarting my computer, I played some more TF2 and got another blue screen after ~20 mins. Crash data is attached.


Hey, the UI I have for this version is a bit different from the one on the webpage, which button do I click? I've included a screenshot, the one on the left is mine, the one on the right is the website. I've already changed the settings to match the ones on the website.


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Hey, I realized I got a newer version than the one you linked, so I uninstalled it to get the new version, but I can't find the download for 1.10.1, I've attached an image of what the place where the download link is supposed to be looks like. Looks the same on Chrome and IE


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