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Retreving data from Raid 0 hard drives

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Hi All. Hope someone can help me out. I have a Dell Inspiron 1721 which has 2 hard drives and I belive they are RAID 0 hard drives. The board on the computer has broken so it cannot be booted. I believe the hard drives are OK.
There are some files on the hard drive which I would like to retrieve.My son has a laptop (Asus X5DIJ Windows 7) and I am trying to download the files on to this laptop.
I have taken out the HDD1 from the Dell laptop and put in an external hard drive and connected up to Asus laptop. However it does not seem to recognise the hard drive.
Can someone point me in the right direction. Do I need to install the appropriate drivers and if so where do I get them from.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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IF the drives are configured in RAID 0, they have to connected and setup as a RAID to retrieve the data. They would have to be connected to another motherboard or controller card with the SAME chipset as the old motherboard. Even then, there is no guarantee the RAID would be operational. One of the drawbacks of using RAID.

And more importantly, another example of why you should have at LEAST one backup copy of any data that you don't want to lose.
You can use r-studio or raid reconstructor and Getdataback to build a virtual raid, but you will need both drives connected to a machine at the same time. RAID0 stripes the data in chunks between the drives in the set, no one drive contains all the inofrmation or all the data from one file. Usually the stripe sizes are 64kB or 128kB blocks.
Thanks for the replies. Very much appreciated. I presume I need a dual disk external hard drive and then use a program to try and download the files.
I will try this and let you know.
I have the SAME Inspiron 1721 laptop. To be honest, how would I know this laptop was RAID 0 configured? I am not particularly tech savvy, and spent almost 16 hours on the phone with Dell tech support (service contract), after which I am now a candidate for therapy. This waste of time resulted in my taking the computer to Geek Squad. GS was unable to retrieve my data and it will now be sent to a lab. I had backed up to an external drive but not all of my data was transferred. When anyone I spoke to heard RAID 0 they cringed. Why does this drive configuration even exist? I am now wondering what the success rate of lab retrieval of this data is. It's been quite an ordeal to say the least, but apparently I am not alone. Many thanks.
If the drives do not have physical issues, in lab recovery is usually pretty successful. Raid0 was a way to use smaller drives to act as one big volume. They also had some speed improvements, usually with more than two drives, for heavy sequential read/write processes like video editing.
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