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Hello Everyone,
I have a hopefully a simple problem. I am a member of several game sites, one in question IWON. I was on it all night last night, and i try to get on it now, and it tell me restricted site. Not sure what has happened just today. But anyway, what do i need to do to stop the restrited site business? I just want to play my games!! :pray:lol. thanks in advance for the support. Dale
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In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > click the Security tab. Highlight Restricted Sites and then click the button that says Sites....

Find the site that you want unrestricted, highlight it and select Remove then click Ok and try again. Let us know how that goes.
Thanks for the reply. I will try it now, and get right back with you. Thanks again. Dale
Hi again,
Well, i done as you advised, and it still showing restricted. And yes, i did refresh it after i changed the settings. Anymore ideas that i can try? Thanks again. Dale
Anyone else?
Check to make sure, there may be multiple listings for different URLs. You can also add it into your trusted sites.

Have you tried using a different browser yet like firefox? If it does not work with a different browser then it may be your HOSTS file.
Hi, i have not tried adding it yet. I will try that next. Also, i have a dual boot system with ubuntu 8, so i will see what happens with that. I will get back with you shortly. Thanks again for the assistance. Dale
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