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Restoring a backup, help me out

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Hey, I have an interesting problem here.

I use Windows Live Onecare, I used that program to back up all my files into a removable hard drive (music, pictures etc...)

So, computer dies. bla bla.. the thing is, that computer is no longer avialable, not that or my windows disks or anything. lets just pretend that pc doesnt exist anymore.

I get a new computer and buy Windows XP profesional, the thing is, this windows is in spanish, my previous windows was in english.

So I log on to the windows live onecare website to reinstall windows live onecare in this machine so that I can restore my back up...

Here's the problem, there wont be international support for windows live onecare until the end of this year or so and the version they have now will not install in a windows that is not in english, so I cannot restore my backup.

Now, I cant apply the usual solutions, I dont have another PC so i cannot restore in another machine then transfer it to this one via LAN, I just have this PC, in spanish and no possibility of installing another windows in another language in it.

I know the windows onecare back up does the back up in a ton of .zip files so I am sure I could manualy restore it but that would be a major pain in the butt...

The question I have is, is there a way to restore a windows live onecare back up with another program? in other words, restore a backup I made using windows live onecare without having windows liveone care in the machine?

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I think I fixed it

I just downloaded Winrar and selected all the files and clicked on extract, that seems to be working allright :)
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