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Restore to SATA from IDE

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Hi,,,, Im running Xp Pro on a IDE harddrive and i have got a SATA drive to install and want to remove my IDE drive. Is there a way of copying, backing up or restoring my operating system and installed programs so i dont need to reinstall windows or my programs.
I got UBCD4Win Here > , Maxtor Manager with the backup or restore program and an external harddrive if thats anyhelp. But i do know there may be an SATA driver that needs to be installed. Also got Vista Ultimate edition which i will be dual booting with Xp Pro
Thanks for you time Doj Harris
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Hi :wave:

Install the SATA driver before you copy the contents on the IDE drive.
The SATA driver should be provided with your motherboard.
Or - you can download it here (under IDE): Deluxe

Then follow this guide:
That should do it.

Also, Vista comes with its own SATA drivers built in, so the sata drivers from the motherboard CD will not be required to install Vista.

On some new computers, the motherboard makes a sata drive look just like an IDE drive to Xp install. No driver disk is required during the XP install process. My own MSI mobo is like that. I never need SATA drivers for anything.

Good Luck,
The Shadow :cool:
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