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Okay, here's the sit-rep. I have a friend out of Philly with a Dell Inspiron MCX061, which he bought back in '02. He's got four papers due in two weeks. Complained last week about how his lappy was slowing down, so I advised him to back everything up and restore factory settings.

He just IM'ed me about half an hour ago, about how bad things suddenly got.

Well, this is exaclty what I did. I pressed ctrl f11, then it took me to the screen where it gave me a choice. To restore factory settings or reboot the computer. I clicked the restore icon, and it began doing what it does. Then, before it could reach the 52% mark, it said something about an error and asked me to restart.
Then all that crap started happening and which brings us to where we are today.

It did say something when it failed to restore factory settings, but the words came and went so fast I couldn't catch any but "error."
And now whenever I try to boot up the computer, it says it failed and asks me to prest ctl alt del to restart.
It tries again, and fails again, and asks me to do the same thing over and over.
Help would be greatly appreciated!

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