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restart/shutdown probs

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I recently partitioned my hard drive with Win98SE on one and Win2K on the other. The Win98SE works fine, but on Win2K, I am unable to shutdown or restart my computer. When I do either one, it just stays on my desktop. I am unable to use anything on my desktop after that b/c it gives me an error message saying something to the affect that windows in shutting down, but it doesn't shutdown. I have to shutdown/restart by using the buttons on my tower.

I would appreciate any help with this problem. THANK YOU!!
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Welcome to the forums f15e! As to your problem, if you have any power saving options active at the BIOS level, try turning them off then running Win2k. It sounds as if BIOS is fighting Win2k on this one.
shutdown/restart probs

I disabled Power Management within my BIOS but when I started Win2K up again I got a blue screen that read:

STOP: 0x00000050
(along with a lot of other text below it)

So I went back and ENABLED the Power Management and DISABLED the Hard Drive power within the Power Management and I was able to get into Win2K but still unable to SHUTDOWN/RESTART.
The other settings within the Power Management are INACTIVITY TIMER(ON/OFF) and VESA Video Power(ENABLE/DISABLE) which I don't think would help any if changed.

Any other suggestions?
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OK reenable power management in BIOS disable it in Win2k, restart a couple of times, then try disabling it in BIOS again. Also please post some details on your system.
Do you mean to disable the Power Options within Win2K? If so I have everthing set to NEVER and I don't see anywhere that I can diable it all together. I have Win2K updated to SP2. If you need more detailed specs let me know and exactly what you need, but here are some specs for my computer:

partitioned Win2K/Win98se
Dell Dimension XPS T600MHz PIII with MMX and 512 cache
13.6GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive, 7200RPM
Sound Blaster LIVE! Value 512v Sound card
32MB Diamond Viper 770D NVIDIA "Ultra" graphics
McAfee VirusScan Professional 6.0
Dude that sucks.

how long does it stay locked up???
shutdown/restart probs

Well toolfan,
I got it to not lock up anymore. It closes windows and then goes to a black screen, but still doesn't restart or shutdown when asked. I have Win98se on another HD and it works correctly, but for some reason Win2K just won't completely shutdown.
I have gone into the BIOS settings to change some POWER options, but none worked.

Any suggestions?
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