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[resolved] Virtual Memory Oddity

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Virtual Memory Oddity

New Here.
Running Win 98 SE and my hard drive crashed. Since I have alot of older programs that won't run (optimally) under WIn XP, decided to reinstall Win 98.
(I've done this many times before)
So I bought a new WD 80 Gig drive, Fdisk'd & formatted it, and installed Windows. Everything went smooth. Loaded up a few drivers, then started to tweak windows. Control Panel/My Computer shows C as having som 76 gig free. So went to set my own virtual memory, and got a surprise. VM says my C drive has all of 10.5 gig free. Never saw this before.
Reformatted and reinstalled. Same thing.
What have I forgotten to do? Or is there something I need to update?
As I said, I've done this a dozen times before, even built whole machines for friends, and never saw this.
Can anyone give me a clue?
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a new WD 80 Gig drive
Hi BJ, welcome to TSF.

The win9x fdisk is limited to 64 Gigabytes (binary, or 67 Gig decimal).

Use the Windows ME version of fdisk. You can get it at Bootdisks website (see links below).
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