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[resolved] Tapisrv error

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Tapisrv error


Hope you can help with the following:

I'm running Windows ME, with all of the latest MS updates/patches. Every time I try and connect to my ISP the following error is reported.

Tapisrv.exe has caused an error in WAN.tsp.

Choices are close or ignore. Either way the dial up connection tries to connect without success. Only way out is to end task through the task manager.

I tried replacing Tapsrv.exe and Wan.tsp from another PC sadly ended up with the same result.

Also tried unistaling/reinstalling modem software and drivers, no joy.

I also have Macafee AV s/ware, ZoneAlarm & SpyGuard running, therefore Ii'd be surprised if it's a security problem, however. I could be wrong.

Any ideas??


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This is the microsoft link for Tapisrv.exe errors
tapisrv error

Hi Stu,

Many thanks for the link that did the trick nicely.


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