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[resolved] System reboot

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System reboot

I'm having problems with my new build.

Abit Fatal1ty SLi AN8
AMD Athlon 64 4400 X2
OCZ Platinum Dual Channel 1GB DDR400
Leadtek 7800GTX (2 in SLi)
Hiper Type R 580W

Basically, when i'm playing games, the thing just restarts. Windows error reporting states that it is a display driver problem, so i even did a clean widows install and only installed the nForce chipset drivers and my display drivers, yet i still get these random reboots.

I've tried several different display drivers, but none seem to fix the problem.

I've also tried taking one stick of ram out and trying that, but with no luck. I've even tried taking one of my graphics cards out, but still no luck.

I've flashed my MBs BIOS to the latest version so it would recognise my processor, but i'm not so sure that would be the problem.

All my temperatures seem fine. According to SpeedFan, my temps are:
HD: 24
CPU: 25
SYS: 28
PWM: 36

If anyone can shed some light on this, i'd be really grateful.

Also, i had to put it in "Other", since i'm not sure which peice of hardware or driver is at fault.
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I frankly don't know why it would do this with your nice job of troubleshooting. I do know that my ASUS board with SLI suggests and has an on-board extra place to plug in a 12 volt connector to the board if you use SLI.

Does yours have that extra connector and if it does, do you have a plug in that slot? Therefore, mine would use the 24 plug ATX, the 12 volt square molex, and the auxillary standard power supply 12 volt plug into the motherboard if using the sli feature. I am not presently using that feature.
I've checked all the power connections and they seem to be fine. My motherboard does have another 4 pin coector for runing SLi, but that's connected. I've also taken one card out at the momet to test if it was SLi that was cuasing the problem.

I did have aother thought, though... There was aother driver that was installed as well as my chipset and display drivers, that i might have overlooked. My modem and lan drivers. I'll uninstall them and see what happens, but i'm not hopeful.
never heard of that brand of power supply before. hyper type R sounds like an exhaust system for a car, hehehe.

i recommend testing another spare power supply on your computer and see if that helps out. i suggest a reputable brand named power supply such as antec and enermax. you can get these brands locally from your local computer store.
The PSU is a reputable brand, i can assure you. ;)

I found the culprit, though. It was one of my sticks of ram. After running a few memory test programs, i concluded that one stick of my dual channel ram was faulty. After switching them around a bit, i maaged to get a stable system, although i'm now only running 512MB instead of 1GB. Time to return the faulty goods, i think.

Thanks for the help, though. :)
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