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[resolved] shut down issues and programs hanging

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shut down issues and programs hanging

When I go to shut down my computer (either from start menu or from task manager), usually not much happens - I might get disconnected from my wireless but that's about it. I sometimes have to repeat the shut down 2 or 3 times, and alot of the time I have to shut down by holding the power button. Every time I get a message saying that CCApp.exe is shutting down.

My other problem is that most programs that I install do not run properly - this has been in the last two months.... Speedupmypc,, Office 2000, Visio etc. Some never actually run, but they are showing in the task manager as running, but I am unable to kill them there. Some will open but then I can't do anything. For example - I can type in Word, but if I go to change the format or font, it will crash every single time (I am also putting a thread in Office, because this is urgent!!!).

Then, when I try to uninstall programs that are not working, it is often not possible. It doesn't matter if I go thru control panel or uninstall on the start menu. I am currently trying to uninstall Office 2000 right now. It was "gathering required information" for about 10 minutes, but nothing was really happening. So then I hit cancel, and now it has been cancelling for about 10 minutes, but nothing is really happening! This is so frustrating!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am on XP.

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Yes, I use NAV, Trojanhunter, ad-aware and spybot. I update regularly and scan regularly (did lots of this yesterday!!!).
CCApp.exe also give me these "cannot locate ordinal 126 in MAPI32.dll" errors, so I will try disabling the email scanning.
Am getting the rundll32.exe error again since yesterday. On Saturday, I had downloaded a new version of this file and replaced it, and that fixed some of the problems that I was having (like trying to open display properties).
Also, now cannot open "performance logs and alerts", or my printer folder (so I can't see what printers installed - someone recommended updating printer drivers to see if that fixed Office problems).
Thanks for your help - I'll let you know if disabling the email thing in NIS helps.
%*#&@$$-ing NORTON!!!

Hello again,
Guess what? I disabled the anti-spam in Norton and....
No more errors in Word, Excel, etc.
No more errors when I try to access things like display and print and whatever.
In short, no more errors!
And the frustrating thing is the anti-spam hasn't been doing anything in all this time because my email is already pretty secure and I don't get any spam!!!
I have been thinking about replacing Norton for a while, cuz it's such a behemoth... Last question is can you recommend a good anti-virus? Or can anyone???
All I need is anti-virus and firewall - I've got everything else covered.
Now I am going to celebrate! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, oh Koala God!
Norton is toast!

Hi again,
Norton was uninstalled this a.m.
I now have:
Avast anti virus
Zone alarm firewall
Trojan hunter
Ad aware
spybot s&d

Oh, happy Monday!!!
Thanks again for your help....
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