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[resolved] shut down issues and programs hanging

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shut down issues and programs hanging

When I go to shut down my computer (either from start menu or from task manager), usually not much happens - I might get disconnected from my wireless but that's about it. I sometimes have to repeat the shut down 2 or 3 times, and alot of the time I have to shut down by holding the power button. Every time I get a message saying that CCApp.exe is shutting down.

My other problem is that most programs that I install do not run properly - this has been in the last two months.... Speedupmypc,, Office 2000, Visio etc. Some never actually run, but they are showing in the task manager as running, but I am unable to kill them there. Some will open but then I can't do anything. For example - I can type in Word, but if I go to change the format or font, it will crash every single time (I am also putting a thread in Office, because this is urgent!!!).

Then, when I try to uninstall programs that are not working, it is often not possible. It doesn't matter if I go thru control panel or uninstall on the start menu. I am currently trying to uninstall Office 2000 right now. It was "gathering required information" for about 10 minutes, but nothing was really happening. So then I hit cancel, and now it has been cancelling for about 10 minutes, but nothing is really happening! This is so frustrating!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am on XP.

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Try disabling or uninstalling Norton Antivirus (or at least the email scanning option) to fix the CCApp.exe problem, and see if that has any effect on your other programs not running.

Are you using any anti-spyware software?
Sweeeet! I'm glad you got it working again. Now you need to remove Norton and replace it with something not so crap.

You don't need to spend any money to keep your PC secure. There are plenty of good anti-virus and firewalls available for free. Here are the ones I use...
Anti-Virus AVG
Firewall Zone Alarm
a-squared Free
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