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[RESOLVED] New installation of windows xp. hard drive not found

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Hi there,
new here today. i am in the middle of building a computer for my girlfriend (it is not my first one, but it has been a while since i have built one.) and i am trying to install windows xp. at first i went through checking the bios and everything was fine and now when i get to the blue screen that says to hit enter to continue xp setup i am getting an error message saying that windows is not detecting any hard disk drives. now why would it be showing up in my bios but not in xp. i did a little bit of reading here and it seems that this is not a first time problem. the first time this occured i checked and i had unplugged my hard drive to fit something in so i plugged it back in and same thing. this is annoying because it takes a while to boot up to that blue screen. sometimes 5 min. or so. so it is getting frustrating to wait and check. i really don't want to take it to someone to pay them a ton of money to fix it considering i pretty much know what i am doing but i have never come across this problem. if someone maybe could walk me through this i would appreciate it. time is also a factor.

thanks in advance everyone

i can also be reached via email (Removed)
if that would be more convenient.
thanks again
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If you are installing the O/S onto a SATA drive have you installed the SATA controller drivers via the F6 prompt in windows while installing ?
probably a stupid question but how do i know if it is an sata or ide drive. i have it hooked up using a regular ide cable the long wide flat cable
ok so i just looked it up and it is a ide not an sata drive. hope that might make some sense. i also looked up and was reading that i have to do something with the f6 command. i am at work now but i am going to try it in the morning. anyone hear of this before

What brand name is the drive, how are the jumpers set, and where do you have it on the ribbon cable? Is this drive alone on this cable, or if not what is sharing that cable and how is that drive jumpered?

Addendum: If an IDE in standard mode, you don't have to do anything with F6.
it is a western digital drive. it is the only thing on the ribbon and i have it jumped to a master drive. maybe i have to change that but the drive is def. detected by the bios... weird huh.

Take off all the jumpers, place it on the end of the ribbon cable and away you should go.

That is what I suspected, because WD drives are different if alone on the ribbon cable.

I will wait to hear.
you are the BEST!! it is starting to install now. :pray: i hope the rest of it goes fine but you don't know how much money and aggrivation you just saved me. that is so weird that a jumper would make a difference.

all i have to say is thanks for everyone that replied and thanks for the help. you guys are such a big help and i appreciate it so much. now hopefully in the future i can be of some assistance to some of you.
thanks again for everything.
rsweet... :grin:

You are most welcome. WD drives are great, but have that little quirk. We get a lot of those issues that come up, but easily solved. Have a great day and don't be a stranger on here.
oh trust me i will def. not be a stranger here... thanks again
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