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[resolved] My computer will not boot up

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My computer will not boot up

I have been having a very strange problem with my computer. It all started a few months ago when I lost both my hard drive and monitor within a few days of each other. Since that time I have gotten another computer, but I am trying to get this one running again. The problem is that no matter what I do, it will not display anything on the monitor when I turn the power on. I have replaced everything I can think of. I have used a different monitor, a new motherboard, a new CPU, and I have recently tried swapping cases. The only thing I have not done is use RAM other than what was in the system. That is because I had three different chips. Back to the display...when I turn the power on, the light on the monitor just changes to amber, and never goes green again. Everything spins up...the hard drive, the case fan, and the heatsink fan. If anyone can think of anything that I could do to fix the problem, I would love to hear it.
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Hello and welcome to Tech Support Forums.

You could try another power supply these have been known to cause problems such as this..:D
I have already tried a new power supply. That was the first thing I tried. After I tried everything else, I finally just bought a new case. That still hasn't fixed the problem.
Have you tried removing the ram and trying a known good stick in there?
I was hoping there was something else I could try first. The computer originally had 2 sticks of 128 and 1 of 256. I was hoping that at least one of those was still working. I can get a 32mb stick that works in about a week...until then I'll try anything else you can think of.
Did you try one stick at a time out of the three you have.

Put one in the lower number slot probably 1 and give it a shot.
I have tried all three sticks in DIMM1. I know at least one of them was working after the initial problem because I used it in another computer after mine crashed.
The only thing I can think of is try another video card it's the only thing you haven't tried from what I can see.
Actually when the problem first started I assumed the video card was the culprit. I replaced my AGP card with a PCI card I had on hand. That is why this problem is so incredibly frustrating. I have tried everything I can think of that would make a difference. I'm beginning to doubt my ability to build a working computer.
Do you have any C4?.....J/K...:D

At this stage of the game the only thing left is to take everything out of the case and put it on a phonebook or something.

Hook up the power supply.

Make sure the heatsink fan is connected to the right header.

Put a known stick of good ram in there obviously you have more than one machine or borrow one.

Put the video card in try both if needed.

Hook up the proper wire from the bower button on the front of the case to the motherboard.

Plug the monitor to the video card.

If it don't boot that way you really do have a problem.

Good Luck
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Lets get to the basics.

Can you get to the BIOS? If you can see the BIOS, then your video card works.

Do you hear any beeps? If so, what is the sequence of the beeps?

Speedo's last instruction is good advice. This will put you at square one. If you can see the BIOS I wouldn't go that far back. You say that your Hard Drive spins.

Check the IDE Cable. Be sure pin 1 is to pin 1. The red stripe on the side of the cable represents pin 1.

For troubleshooting purposes, I assume you are only using 1 Hard Drive. Be sure the jumper on the Hard Drive is set to Master.

Assuming you can get into the Bios, make sure that the Hard Drive is detected correctly.

Let me know if I am barking up the wrong tree.

Good Luck
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Hello Rob

If you go back to his first post he states that the amber light does not go green which I assumed is no picture of any sort.

But you are right with your question because I never did ask if it showed anything..;)

At times it is difficult to find the real issue. Sometimes we have to read between the lines. The first post actually states," the light on the monitor just changes to amber". This, in my opinion, means that it may have been green. Who knows. Maybe mikemoust can clarify that.
This is the first time I have been involved in a forum and I have to say that I find it intrigueing.

PS I can't spell it but I can say it.

I find that not enough information is given and more questions need to be asked. I myself am guilty of this as I try to be brief as not make an idiot of myself.

I think I'll be checking the forum regularily, as it can be a source of learning for me. I am self employed and have no peers to ask questions of. I have to learn the hard way.

Thanks to those who have welcomed me.
I like the forum because it keeps the stuff you would normally forget fresh in your mind.
Due to the fact that you are using it more than you would without being here.
I tell my friends that it's like recycling for the mind...:D
Hey guys!
I wanted to welcome Rob to the forums and say Whassup!
I see your from Langley, cool! I live in North Surrey. So we are almost a stones throw away from each other. :cool:
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