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[resolved] Crash Problem with Admin Account

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Crash Problem with Admin Account

My PC got hit with a blue drop screen about 30 minutes ago, so as usual when I get hit with a blue drop screen I simply restarted my computer. I logged on as Administrator, as usual, using my usual password. However when I got on all my icons had gone and my settings had all reset, so I investigated further and it seems that if I go into the documents and settings folder I now have a folder for "Administrator" and one for "Administrator.DTG" (DTG is the name of my computer). Basically for some reason the computer has created another Admin account, so i've been into Users and Accounts and its still only showing 1 admin account, I also went into the Users in the Computer Management utility and still it is only showing one console. I want to be able to get back onto my original Administrator account.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

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The account hasn't changed but the profile did. It looks like your old profile got corrupted or somehow the "link" between the account and the profile got lost/broken. This is what you can do to try to recover it:

- First create a 2 temp accounts with administrator rights, let's say we call these accounts "backup," "temp1."
- Log off administrator and log on the backup account so that it creates the profile (the profiles get created under documents and settings, the profiles keeps all the settings for an account).
- Log off and log back on with temp1.
- Right click on My Computer>Properties>Advanced>User Profiles>Settings
- You will see a list of profiles stored on this computer, select the current administrator profile (new one created) and click on Copy To (Check the modified date to see which one is the new admin profile).
- We want to copy this to the backup profile, browse to C:\documents and setings\backup(or whichever you called the backup account.
- It will then ask you who you want to permit to use this profile, just add administrator. Then follow the directions and just click on OK or finish.
- Once that is done the current administrator profile is backed up on the backup account profile.
- Now select the old administrator profile in the list, it may show up as a string of numbers and letters and click on Copy To.
- Browse to C:\documents and settings\ and select the Administrator.DTG folder.
- It will ask you again who you wan to permit to access this profile, just add administrator here. Just follow the directions till this is done.
- Reboot and log on as administrator and everything should come back.

Just let me know if you get any errors, we may have to use another solution.
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