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[resolved] Computer restarts itself when plugging in Router

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Computer restarts itself when plugging in Router

Hey guys,

Our household recently signed up for ADSL service. We went out and bought our router modem today, but came home and we had trouble with it.

I expected to be able to basically use the modem straight "out of the box", and connect up to the net after a little bit of fiddling around. But i have a problem that wont let me get passed even step 1. What happens is, when you plug the effernet cable into the PC (with the modem attached on the other end), the computer restarts itself instantly after about 3 seconds. When the computer loads up again, if the cable is still attached then it'll restart itself again before it can load windows fully. It wont stop restarting itself until you take the cable out.

- It's a D-Link wireless ADSL Router, model DSL-G604T.
- Network Card is SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
- Windows XP, professional
- Pentium 4, 3.2 ghz... (bought the computer recently)

It's really quite strange. I don't know whether it's a problem with the power, or software, i don't know. I'm downloading the latest driver for the network card, i'll let you all know how that goes.

Please help. :)

EDIT: Updating driver didn't work. :sayno:
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you will need to enter your device manager to see if your ethernet card is listed in a clean manner, no yellow symbols, anywhere actually in the device manager.
There are no problems with the network card acording to device manager.

There is a yellow symbal next to the 'Universal Serial BUS (USB) Controller' though, it says there is no driver installed for that device. But i don't see how that would effect the network card's performance.

I went into BIOS and disabled 2 settings called ModemRingOn and PME Wake Up Event. I don't know they were enabled, but they aren't anymore so my problemo is resolved-e-o. :grin:
it would
nice fix
dont be a stranger :sayyes:
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