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RESOLVED Bios Upgrade Help

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Hi Guys,

I have an AMD duron 750mhz machine, but I want to install my AMD Duron 1ghz CPU. When I try I get the error beep codes so I've put the 750mhz chip back in for now.

I understand I should upgrade the bios so that the motherboard will recognise the 1ghz CPU.

I've never flashed any bios before, but spent three hours last night learning how its done and trying to find the correct bios download, so am looking for a tutorial or specific advice or confirmation of my actions below will work...

I think I need to:

1/.Create a boot disk in XP (I can do this)

2/.Download the new bios flash (I can find bios updates but not sure which one I need - is there a generic "Award Modular 6.00PGN one?)

3/.Restart computer and boot from A: (the XP boot disk)

4/.Once in DOS, remove boot disk and put in flash disk

5./ DIR to check its there, and "example.exe" (exchange example for flash program name)

is that correct?

Also, the current bios is "award modular 6.00PGN" 11/24/00. I've looked on the PcPartner and Phoenix sites but can't find the correct bios. I'm using the KT133A chipset, and Everest Home Edition reports my motherboard name as "Aristo KT133(A)" (amongst a long list of other similar names).

Can anyone advise me what info I need from the current system to go and find the correct bios? Or better still provide a link?

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you need to give us your motherboard maker and model

if you dont know this info>>>> you can use sandra lite or Everest home edition (both free) in my signature links

then I can give you a full blown tutorial
The motherboard name is "Aristo KT133(A)" as said above!

Dal - Thanks... I found the bios file, and have flashed it successfully!

Thanks for your help guys
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