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[resolved] a disk read error !

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a disk read error !

hi yall well my problem is that i can't boot and i think it's my new motherboard
well i bought a new cpu a month ago. and it worked fine but one day when i got home and was a about to start my cpu up then this error appeers A Disk Read error occurred press Ctrl - alt - delete. at first i thought it was the hdd but i used the old floppy drive used it to run data lifeguard diagnostics that i got from to see what was wrong with my hdd and it said 0000 wich means no errors so i think it's the mobo that's where i got stuck

motherboard: Ga-k8nf9 nforce4
serial ata 200gb.
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hehe nevermind i fixed it :D
How did you get this fixed? I have the same issue??
A disk error ocured, press ctrl-alt-del

Hi trolli,

how did yo fix that , I got the same error sometimes in my desktop.
Can you please tell us ?
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